Recorder Karate Idea Bank

Leather Strips With Beads For Recorder Karate

Submitted by Patricia Oeste, NBCT, Conway, Arkansas

Idea posted 2002-03-21

I have used a few variations. First, I did the colored yarn around the neck thing. I tied the yarn right under the mouthpiece. I didn't like it that well, because as the strands were added, it seemed to get shorter and more cumbersome. THEN, I tried to put it around the "bell" at the bottom of the recorder. They would braid the colors and it was quite lovely.

This year, I have used a thin piece of leather, and we are doing beads. I tied the leather strip around the bottom of the recorder - around the bell. The beads then dangle and look very attractive. I have all of the karate colors (I do white, yellow, green, blue, red, brown, black) on one side, then on the other side are extra beads for: recorder ensemble, solos, attending extra rehearsals, tutoring, and composing their own piece. I like this system best of all. One problem though, when they take their recorder home, some of them have lost their beads. I just tell them they get one set and I can't be replacing beads if they are careless!

This is an explanation of the "other" side of special beads. Here is what I do:

  • Black Metallic - Orff Group (select 19 students)
  • Green Metallic - Tutor bead
  • Blue Metallic - Solo bead
  • White Metallic - Duet bead (currently doing quartets with ALL four recorders - sop/alto/ten/bass - really COOL!)
  • Gold - Extra rehearsals (above and beyond rehearsals, like on President's Day when there was no school, but we rehearsed for three hours!)
  • Silver - Bead for a special group of six students that have learning difficulties. This is my very favorite group.
  • Gold Flecked - Bead for writing a recorder composition
  • Silver Flecked - Bead for those overachievers who have figured out how to play two recorders at once... IN HARMONY!

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