Recorder Karate Idea Bank

Incorporating New Students

Submitted by Patricia Oeste, Conway, Arkansas

Idea posted 2002-04-11

This is probably the only negative thing I can think of about teaching recorder. When someone new comes in, it is glaringly unfair. When we get new students, they often don't have the skills that our students have that have been with us for a time. BUT, it is not so obvious as on an instrument, especially when using the Recorder Karate method. This is what I do:

  1. Get a talented, trustworthy student to tutor them while you test the others.
  2. Send the information and recorder home. A call home might even help. It could be that someone at home will take an interest and help the new student along.
  3. When there is a group of these (which happens in my school FAR TOO OFTEN), I MAKE TIME to catch them up. It is worth it to me for many reasons. Tomorrow I will get a group of five new students together on their recess time - my lunch. In 30 minutes, it is amazing what they can do in a small group. ALSO, there is the desire to learn and to catch up with the crowd - this is a great gift!

Above all, don't give up on the new students. I have been amazed to find them some of my most motivated, and in end effect, TALENTED students. They just need an equal chance, however you can manage it.

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