Recorder Karate Idea Bank

Unmotivated Kids

Submitted by Barb Philipak, St. Peters, Missouri

Idea posted 2002-04-23

Question: I have been wondering if anyone has ever had a group that just didn't get into it?

Answer: I have to say that I haven't had this problem exactly - although I have had classes that weren't into it as MUCH as other classes. And these usually were the classes whose classroom teacher weren't as supportive as others - most of my teachers will let their kids come during my plan times (usually at the end of the day when they're not doing much anyway) to test for belts, but there is a teacher who sometimes isn't as supportive (although this year he was). In past years, his kids haven't been as motivated as others.

It might help if you could spend some time on it in class - especially in the beginning of the unit. Maybe you could try to get them motivated by letting some of the kids volunteer to play certain belts in class in front of others... or for the principal... or for an assembly. Just an idea...

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