Recorder Karate Idea Bank

Tips For Recorder Karate Testing

Submitted by Wendy Reinke, Round Rock, Texas

Idea posted 2002-03-25

I started Recorder Karate two weeks ago with my 4th and 5th graders and am amazed how competitive they are!! I had a few logistical problems to solve and thought maybe someone else could benefit from the ideas.

I took the whole class into the cafeteria to practice so that they could hear themselves. I made a chart using library pockets and put a tongue depressor with a matching number in each pocket. When they were ready to test, they came to me. If I was already testing someone, they took the next available stick out of the pocket chart. I then called "#5" just like in McDonald's! That way, they could be in line to test but still go back to their own spot and practice for the next belt. I also have quite a few students who need to borrow school recorders, so to show the belts they had earned, I gave them a small rubber band and they tied their belt onto that. It is stored in the box with their class's recorders so that they can slip it on the recorder that they borrow during the next class. I found some rubber bands that are just the right size in the hair department. They are Scunci brand and 250 of them come in a package.

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