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Recorder Wall

Submitted by Patricia Oeste, Conway, Arkansas

Idea posted 2002-07-10

I made the giant recorder with bulletin board paper. I folded it in half and drew just half of the recorder so that it would be symmetrical. I can free hand pretty well, so it was easy. Then I traced it in black marker, laminated it, and cut it out. It has survived three years and is still looking great.

The little recorders I blew up from some clip art. I put about six on a page and laminated them. And yes, I did a different color for each class. (I have about 85 fifth grade students this year.) I laminate them, and then when they pass white belt, THEY cut them out and put their names on them with a Sharpie. We attach them with ticky tack (or whatever you call it!).

The belt colors behind the giant recorder are made of large construction paper. I didn't laminate them, but I should have, the ticky tack holds better to lamination.

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