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Variations With Songs & Belt Requirements

Submitted by Gretchen, Illinois

Idea posted 2002-10-09

I model my program more after Patty Oeste's (another great Mailing List member). I start my 5ths on recorders after Christmas and continue through the 8th grade. We have 1 entire recorder class session each week. The student's grade is based on their belt tests (which happen about two times a quarter).

I use Ed Sueta's materials primarily for method materials along with Denise Gagne's stuff. I supplement with Music K-8 recorder songs from the magazines and/or separate collections.

Because I stretch my recorder program up through the 8th grades, I'm continuing with Level 2 in both Sueta's and Gagne's. I'm also pulling in several things from Do It Recorders ('cause they have some nice multipart stuff and improvisational activities).

Anyway, my Level 1 belt degrees are as follows:

White (BAG)
Yellow (BAG+)
Orange (BAGE)
Green (BAGEC)
Purple (BAGECDD)
Brown (BAGECDDF#lowC)

To pass the belt tests, they must play a selected song as well as take a written note identification test. If they don't pass at first, they can keep testing until they do. Each student has a leather string (about 12") knotted at one end with a bead to correspond to each earned belt color. This is tied on the bell of the recorder.

For Level 2, I add the following:

Metallic Green (high E)
Metallic Blue (B with alternate fingering)
Metallic Purple (C#)
Silver (B flat)
Gold (12 measure recorder composition)
Metallic Black (solo performance of a selected song)
Crystal beads can also be earned throughout the program for tutoring.

If you check out the Photos section in the Recorder Karate Dojo, you can see some pictures of various students in action along with Patty O's beaded belts.

This really is a wonderful program to keep the motivation high and the learning exciting. I love it.

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