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Note Baseball Game

Submitted by Jennifer Schroeder, Fall River, Wisconsin

Idea posted 2002-10-30

Question: I want from the start to make sure that they recognize the notes on the staff. I made big posters, but do you do anything extra to reinforce this?

Answer: I would have them do worksheets of note naming and play note-naming games. I did this with my 3rd graders last year, and they read notes very well this year. I currently have some 3rds mixed with the 4th graders who learned notes last year. I'm simply doing the same things with them but allowing them to write the note letters under the notes for a while. They're to the point where they can read BAG, so we've been doing some of the John Riggio recorder songs that have just BAG. They're not allowed to write those in anymore.

As far as games, I do a Note Baseball. I have big flash cards with treble clef and staff on them. There's a set for each base; three notes for 1st base, four notes for 2nd, etc. They are placed in teams, and one by one from a team come to home plate and ask for a base. Then they have to name the notes. Name a note wrong, and that's a strike. I modified it because they don't always make even one strike after the first time we play, so two strikes make an out. Only two outs per inning or the other team may never get up to bat.

When they get really good, I take it down to one strike is an out and one out per inning. I also add a five-run rule per inning. They get an out for talking in their teams. You can hear a pin drop during this game! They get very into it. Oh, and if they get REALLY, REALLY good, I give them a time limit for each base. One child is the timer with a stop watch.

We also put chairs in a diamond like the bases (to help me keep track of who is on what base) and keep score on the board like in real baseball.

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