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Submitted by Tami Maria Mangusso, Aurora, Colorado

Idea posted 2002-12-03

The Recorder Karate book has just sparked ideas for me. I don't use the music in it, I've been using Denise Gagne's Complete Recorder Resource Kit level one and level two. I've also created a test form that the kids fill out. Students fill out the "Recorder Task" form before they come and test with me. This is where they put their name, classroom teacher, and then they write what their strengths are, what their weaknesses are, what grade they would like to get, and what grade they think they will get. The "Assessment" part is what grade they got (rubric score 1-5), and I check the correct box. I also fill out the Comments box. I usually put things they did well and things they can work on to do well on the next test. Then students will fill out the Post-Grade Self Assessment part after they test. On the Recorder Karate Task section, I usually will type in what I will be listening for (since this form is on my computer it is easy to edit it for each belt). Example: For Yellow belt (Au Claire de la Luna) the task would be: to play BAG to a rhythmic pattern of quarter notes, half notes, and whole notes and to play a skip from G to B. (Click to download the Recorder Task form in PDF format.)

The "Recorder Assessment" form is what I fill out when the student comes to test. Below the grid, I will cut and paste a copy of the actual music. As the student plays, I will make tic marks above the notes or measure. If they hesitate, I write a #; if they miss the rhythm, I will put an R; if they play the wrong fingering, I put F; and if they miss a note, I will put an X. After they test, I will then fill in the boxes. Usually I will put an X in the box for the things missed or I will put a little comment. Then I tally up the mistakes. There are 6 areas I assess them on: Rhythm, Notes, Beat, Tone, Articulations, and Music (the ability to read the music). Students get 5 points for each area. I figure out the points by how many X's are in each area: 1x = 4, 2x = 3, 3x = 2, 4 or more x's = 1. Then I add up all the points and give them a rubric score. There is a Final Score chart below the boxes to show how I figure out the rubric grade on the form. (Click to download the Recorder Assessment form in PDF format.)

Out in the hallway, I have posters that keep track of where everyone is at. There is one poster for each class and each grade level. I am only doing Recorder Karate with 4th and 5th graders (3rd grade does recorders, but they don't do Recorder Karate). The kids just love to see their name move from belt to belt. The classroom teachers also love to see their kids move through the belts.

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