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Submitted by Helen Jay, Bournemouth, England

Idea posted 2003-01-24

Question: I would love to know what you would like to see and hear if you were attending a workshop on Recorder Karate. What questions would you have? What would you like explained? What questions would you have about recorders in general? Also, if you were going to a workshop just on recorders, what would you most like to see?

Answer: We're having a belting time with Recorder Karate! I've had more boys than ever decide to continue with recorder and they are highly competitive. Be sure to mention that this system is used in the UK.

Many positive things have come out from it. If I hadn't started using it yet and I was going to a workshop, here's some questions I would like answered. I now know the answers, but these questions might come up.

  1. How much is this going to cost me?
  2. Have you pictures or samples of recorders?
  3. How can you efficiently test and record results?
  4. Do you give another belt if they lose the first? - Me? Never!
  5. How do you deal with those children who find it difficult without seeming to be showing favour by awarding them for a less than adequate performance?
  6. Can we use our own choice of pieces?
  7. Is it going to take me ages to put these belts on? (BTW, I use embroidery thread. I cut it in lengths by wrapping it around a book. Then I put slipknots in each one. I do this at home. When it comes to giving one out, I just need to slip it over the top of the recorder. I pull it tight and then put in another small knot.) It's quick in lesson, but does take a fair amount of time preparing them in the first place.
  8. What do you do when they get to black belt? In our school, black belts are awarded in the school assembly along with a certificate.

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