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Deputy Belts

Submitted by Gretchen, Illinois

Idea posted 2003-02-17

I struggle with having to let down students who don't pass. However, in my classes to pass a student has to play a piece with at least 85% accuracy (they can make 2 mistakes, but all new notes must be played accurately), as well as complete a written note test (they can miss up to 3 out of 30, but all new notes must be correctly ID'd). This allows me a window of time to correct and record both assessments, and then announce the names of those who have advanced (usually at the end of class or at the next one). When a name is announced, that student comes up for their new bead and then goes to move their recorder picture to the next belt color on my wall.

I've been toying, though, with a little idea to help ease the disappointment of those who don't pass on the first try. In my own martial arts training, we had "deputy" belts, that is, a belt with a stripe on it that was halfway between the current level and the next one up. We would put a piece of black electrical tape on the ends of our karate belts for this, and it simply meant we needed a little more time to secure our skills for the next belt, but were "almost" there. We would then retest at the instructor's convenience, or simply wait until an actual test day.

Well, with recorders, this could work the same way (except perhaps use a special colored bead or string to indicate the deputy standing). Then, invite these students to retest at your convenience when you have a few minutes, otherwise, they'll have to wait until a regular testing time during class.

Just an idea.

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