Recorder Karate Idea Bank

Keys To Success: Vocal Rewards Idea

Submitted by Tami Mangusso, Aurora, Colorado

Idea posted 2003-04-10

Question: Recorder Karate has been SOOOO successful with my music program that I'd like to incorporate the same general idea for vocal assessment and motivation. Anyone have any ideas?

Answer: This is just a brainstorm, not kid-tested, for creating a singing program that will challenge students to become better singers.

Each key of the piano represents an exercise or song. You could use just one octave - start with middle C. You could make the white keys a certain color (one for each level) and have the students sing an exercise, small phrase of a song, or demonstrate a vocal technique, etc. The black keys could represent a song or something more challenging. Then have the students earn colored strings or beads, and they could tie them to a key ring (make a key chain). You could call the program "Keys To Success." You could use the more "fun" beads (bears, dogs, smiley faces, etc.) that you can get at any craft store.

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