Recorder Karate Idea Bank

Motivating With Stickers

Submitted by Kari Gordon, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Idea posted 2003-04-10

I teach at a school with a population of very low-income students and 95% minority (primarily African American and Hispanic). Recorder Karate has worked really well here. I do some extra, silly sorts of things, and maybe it helps. Here is what I do...

I post the belt levels on my bulletin board, along with a sticker chart for each class. The first three stickers on the chart are for the notes B, A, and G. That earns the first belt. EVERYONE can get this, and it makes them feel good to see all the stickers. The next two are for "Hot Cross Buns" and "Merrily We Roll Along." Since that's only two stickers, it doesn't look so awful on the chart if a few kids are having trouble, (since they all already have three apiece) so I find the kids don't give up as easily.

The first class that earns stickers for all students on "Hot Cross Buns"... I bring them "Hot Cross Buns!" Once they have earned a belt, I 'knight' them (touch recorder to both shoulders while they are kneeling in the center of our circle) and proclaim that they are now "Tooter Tutors" for that belt level. They LOOOVE being a "Tooter Tutor"! Hope this helps!

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