Recorder Karate Idea Bank

Recorder Dude Lesson Plan

Submitted by Lynn Crowell of Plank Road Publishing, Brookfield, Wisconsin

Idea posted 2011-01-17

  • You will also need posters/flash cards of individual notes on a staff (such as Recorder Fingering Posters by Norm Sands).
  • Hang three Recorder Dudes on the wall, and split your class into three lines, one for each Recorder Dude.
  • Hold up a random note from a Flash Card/Poster. The first student in each line walks up to the respective Recorder Dude and manipulates the Recorder Dude into the correct fingering.
  • As soon as there is a correct fingering, hit a bell or make a sound so the other students know to stop. Then, give the winning team a point. The student moves to the back of the line, and then you repeat the process using a different note.

Activity extensions:

a) You can also do the activity using note sequences (like A to B). (The first student who fingers the note sequence correctly gets a point for his/her team.)

b) You can also incorporate a rhythm into the sequence. And if you’d like to get really fancy, when having the students finger the note sequence in rhythm, have the students sing/say the rhythm (for example, ta ti-ti ta). By doing this, you will accomplish these three National Standards:

  • Singing alone or with others,
  • Reading music, and
  • Evaluating music (because you would explain why the winning student was correct).

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