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Articulation and Earning Recorder Belts - A Compromise

Submitted by Becky Luce, New Hampshire

Idea posted 2011-03-16

I use rainbow colors for my belts, and the first three are easy to earn, making it possible for every student to earn red, orange, and yellow belts.

For the...

  • Red belt: Show left hand on top, good posture, and play B A, G with a pretty sound.
  • Orange belt: All of above and play "Hot Cross Buns"; earn a bead for your belt if you use tonguing.
  • Yellow belt: All techniques above; play "Mary Had A Little Lamb"; get 95% or better on note name test.

After yellow, everything must be correctly articulated.

I fully agree that it is a basic technique, and we're constantly working on it, etc., but given all the processes that kids need to use when playing a recorder, and given all the kids I have who deal with learning challenges of all sorts, I try to make the first three belts as attainable for everyone as I can. Yes, I still have to modify for some students, but I'd be doing that anyway.

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