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Recorder Playing: Spending Time Repeating Songs

Submitted by Roberta Nadeau, New Hampshire

Idea posted 2003-01-20

Question: How much of your recorder class time is spent repeating songs? I'm not talking about beginners on BAG, but those who've progressed through several belt levels?

Answer: In a 50-minute class period, I spend about 25 minutes on recorder (sometimes more, sometimes less). I use overheads... keeps everyone TOGETHER.

I write in the letter names (asking different kids to name them) and play with that "aid" first. Then, I erase them and see if the children can play without them - this seems to challenge the more advanced players while still providing assistance to the less able. Sometimes we do it the other way around... try to play without the letter names written in and then put in the "crutch."

I always do their favorites as a review at the beginning of recorder time - makes them feel successful and refreshes their "technique." I try to teach one new song which introduces a new note or rhythm or pattern during a session, and we build from there.

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