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Slow Recorder Progress: Try Fingering Game

Submitted by Laura McDonald, Indiana

Idea posted 2003-01-20

Question: I am teaching recorders to 3rd graders, using Denise Gagne's Complete Recorder Resource Kit, and the kids have yet to master the 3rd song in the book, which only moves between A and B! The majority of the kids cannot get the concept of moving their fingers to produce a different pitch. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Answer: Perhaps you could do the "fingering" game with them. I made this up for some of my lower level students.

Pair them off, one person calls a letter, the other has to show the fingering before the first person says 1, 2, 3. Success gives a point to the player. Then they switch roles.

I also do this as a warm-up with a whole class, and I call letters against "them" for points. To complicate it slightly, say "Finger B" or "Play B" etc. If they play when they are only to finger, they lose a point.

They seem to love a little competition!

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