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Submitted by Gretchen Taylor, Illinois

Idea posted 2003-06-02

I am planning a new activity with my 7th and 8th grade recorder classes next week utilizing a 4-part round from their book. Thought I'd share...

This round is full of 3-note ascending and descending stepwise patterns, and we'll start with a warm-up isolating some of these. For example, on the rhythm ta-a ta-a ta-a ta-a ta ta ta ta ta-a-a-a, we'll play A B C B A B C B A a few times, then switch to C D E, G A B, etc. Then we'll look at the score and work out each section of the round one at a time to secure and then play through it all a few times. At the next session, we'll review the piece. Then, I'll invite four players (captains) to one of the four numbered walls (all able to see the overhead screen with the music). They will play the piece together first and then play it as a round in order by number.

Next, they take turns picking their "round team" with chosen players coming to join them at their wall (about 5 in each group). Then we'll start the round with teams playing the round in sequence.

Finally, to mix things up, everyone will rotate after each play through until each group has had the chance to start the round.

Some variations:

1. Play the round in its entirety after all four captains have chosen 1 new person for their team, so with each playing, there is one new person added. You may not wish to rotate with this variation.

2. After captains have played the round, they pick the next players to play and then sit down, so only the 4 new players will play the next round. These players then pick 4 more and so on. Rotating would not really be necessary.

3. The activity could also be reversed. After teams have all rotated and are back where they started, then a player from each team (in reverse order that they were picked) would sit down. The first players out would be the captains.

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