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Recorder Take Home Practice Kits

Submitted by Gretchen Taylor, Illinois

Idea posted 2003-07-18

Kit Components:

1. A pocket folder to hold the student's method book, a fingering chart, a preprinted assignment sheet, and a pencil (for checking the assignment sheet)
2. A recorder
3. An accompaniment CD
All enclosed in a jumbo resealable bag

Everything will be stamped with the school name, and the pocket folder will have a library card pocket attached to the front outside cover. The card, which I will keep, will be for the student's name and due date.

Because I have two different levels of study (Book One and Book Two), I'll have three or four kits available for each level. If I find I need more, then I'll prepare more.

Now for the assignment sheet. I prepared one similar to the sheet I use with my private piano students. It's set up with boxed areas for:

Warm-up exercises
Pieces to review
New pieces to learn
On your own (for anything else the student might want to play that's not on the assignment)
Print out and use the assignment sheet for yourself!
Word document Editable, but may need revisions. | PDF Format.

I will be the one determining who needs a kit, not the kids. They are all welcomed and encouraged to take their own materials home to practice (yes, yes, yes), but the kits will be for those reluctant little darlings who would never choose themselves to work at home but need to desperately, not ones with learning disabilities but those with attitude disabilities!

The kits will be due one week from the date issued (in time for the next recorder class). If they're not returned, I'll treat the matter just like the other teachers do when homework is not turned in (a lunch detention that day to do the assignment). Student's come to the music room for this (I eat there). If the kit is not returned by the next music class, the same thing will happen until it is either turned in or a replacement payment is made.

I figure, as long as a student is doing as little as possible during recorder class to progress, I can continue making required home assignments. And if someone requests a kit, great! My hope is to curb some of the anticipated 7th & 8th grade sluffing off.

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