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End Of The Year Recorder Review Activities

Submitted by Gretchen Taylor, Illinois

Idea posted 2003-07-28

I'm wrapping up my recorder classes with some interesting review activities I thought I'd pass on...

Rhythm Bingo (with recorders)

I had three great sessions with 5-7ths using Cheryl Lavender's Rhythm Bingo. Instead of just clapping the patterns, I chose a note for each one and played the pattern on that note; the class then echoed the pattern on same note. Then, I rhythm tapped and tah'd the pattern (gently tapped my recorder in the palm of my hand and counted the rhythm), which they echoed as well. Then they marked the pattern on their card. For each bingo, the player had to "play" back each pattern in rhythm on a chosen note. It went very very well.

Warm-up/review of all notes learned

This is like a scale ladder erase game where you write all the notes learned in ascending order on the board. Then, everyone plays up the scale in half note values. Divide class into two groups. Erase one of the letters.

Group one plays the scale but just fingers the erased note. Group two plays only the erased note at the time it would be played in the scale. Now switch and erase another letter. Now, group one will finger both missing notes while group two plays them. Switch again and continue erasing notes until there is only the starting note left at the bottom. For maximum benefit, always switch parts for each round.

Melodic Dictation/Show Me

Here you divide the class into groups of three or four. Give each student a laminated staff dictation board and 6 markers (I use bingo caps) and sit on the floor in groups. One player in each group is the captain and he/she has a blob of poster putty to put on the back of each marker. This will allow the caps to "stick" to the dictation board. Players in each group take turns being captain, too.

Here's how to play: Teacher plays a simple short melodic pattern on the recorder which everyone echo plays back. You tell them the starting note which they place on their dictation boards on the corresponding line/space. Then they "notate" the pattern on their boards. (I play, you play, you write procedure.). There must be complete melodic agreement within the group. When all agree and have the same pattern notated on each board, the captain raises his/her hand. When all of the captains have their hands up, you say "Show Me." Only the captain holds up his/her board up to "show" you the pattern, which you can check at a glance. Correct any mistakes, and then continue with a new pattern and new captains. If possible, let some of the students act as "dictators."

I'm also planning on playing thru every test song covered in each recorder class for review. Many kids will probably not play their recorder over the summer break, and I want to review as much as I can one more time until fall.

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