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Submitted by Tami Mangusso, Aurora, Colorado

Idea posted 2004-03-30

"What's My Measure?" (You will need music from which to play.)

Divide the class into two teams. One player from each team stands up. Decide which team will start first. The first player plays measure one of the song, and player two plays the second measure. They continue alternating measures until someone hesitates or messes up. You could make it more challenging by having more teams and players at a time, for example, three or four players at a time and each one plays one measure.

"Whose Phrase Is It?"

Teacher plays a pattern, and the student has to echo back without hesitating or making mistakes. Since you're doing this with band students, you could play the patterns on the piano and tell them what note to start on. As they get the hang of it, make it more challenging by not telling them what note to start on. You can create teams or do it like a spelling bee with just one student at a time.

"Play That Song"

Divide the class into teams. The teacher plays a few measures of a song. Each team is given a buzzer (I usually use different rhythm instruments.), or you could have one member of each team stand up. If a team thinks they know the song AND can play it, they buzz in. The team that buzzed in must play the song and give the name of it. Teams can earn a total of two points for their answer, one point for playing the song correctly and one point for giving the correct title name. If your band is playing full piece songs, you could play just one phrase or line of music instead of the whole song. The teams would have to figure out what part of the song you played, play it back, and say what line (or measures) or rehearsal number you played.

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