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Rainbow Recorder

Submitted by Karen Renton, Topsham, Maine

Idea posted 2002-01-07

I don't call this Recorder Karate with my kids, I call it Rainbow Recorder. Keeps it simpler for me. I use the colors of the rainbow and a final shiny gold yarn for those who complete all the songs.

  • Red - Hot Cross Buns (BAG)
  • Orange - Au Clair De Le Lune (BAG)
  • Yellow - I Know An Old Lady (BAGE)
  • Green - Song Without Words (CBAG)
  • Light Blue - Go Tell Aunt Rhody (DCBAG)
  • Indigo - Jingle Bells (DCBAG) - 1st and 2nd ending, uses barred eighths
  • Light Purple - Ode To Joy (DCBAGD) - eighth notes added
  • Dark Purple - Twinkle - adds low C and F
  • Black - Kookaburra
  • Gold - All Night All Day - adds F#

I have these songs copied and available for students to take home with them or work on in class. I typically save the last ten minutes or so for testing. They line up and practice while they are waiting. Those that I don't get to put their names on the board are who I start with first the next time. I even have a classroom teacher that sometimes comes back early and tests students for me. My kids absolutely love this and are highly motivated. Very few students waste their time while I am testing others and a quick scan from time to time hones me in on those who need a bit of recess time because they were wasting music time.

I have also interspersed a composition activity into this framework where students write a song that they can play on the recorder. Those who want to try for a special multicolored string are able to. It makes my assessment of their song really easy. Of course, most kids want to play their song for me. Since they wrote it, I encourage them to only use notes that they can play. It's great!

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